Corinne Mandard-Wood

Working at a desk 4 days a week, a year ago I decided I needed to find a way to keep fit and help my stiff back. I started power walking 3 times a week but didn’t feel this was giving me the results I was seeking. In September 2018 I came across a Nordic Walking leaflet and read “you use 90% of your major muscles and you can burn 20-40% extra calories” – I was sold!

I booked myself on a TASTER session and was hooked straight away. A few weeks later I went along to a FAST TRACK Learn To Nordic Walk course, bought a pair of poles and started walking 3 times a week. I now go out with my poles almost everyday of the week and I LOVE it !

This is by far the best exercise I have done. I love the fact I am getting a whole body workout whilst being outdoor amongst nature and socialising with fellow Nordic Walkers. If you haven’t tried it yet give it a go – the chances are you won’t regret it.